Using Data Flow Diagrams And Process Models To Define Business Processes.

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What does a business process meanand how can we use data flow diagrams and process models to define them?What is the role of data flow diagrams and process models.

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Using Data Flow Diagrams And Process Models To Define Business Processes.


Business is a system which has inputs as well as outputs.The business process has many tasks to be done to reach a goal;it is destined to.A simple example could be a stationary shop in which inputs are stationaries. The shopkeeper has to perform tasks to sell his stationaries and in turn reach a goal to earn money.

The sequence of tasks is important for completion of any work. The main purpose of DFD is to show how the data is traversed through a system along with the work done. DFD is very different from flowcharts as in a DFD simultaneous tasks being carried out at a particular time can be shown. It can also be called bubble chart or process model.

If we want to define our example usingDFD =>

The main things are customer, shopkeeper, order.

First,the customer places his order.The man working collects all the requirements,packs them and gives it to the customer. Then he tells the paying amount,the buyer pays and leaves with his order.

So the DFD above shows all the tasks taking place in a stationary shop .Hence showing all the process and how the processes are linked and order of them. It describes the path of traversed data.

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