Using Circuit that enables all computer devices to communicate

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Almost all computer devices are like to fail. List and explain factors that would contribute to the failure of a circuit that enables all computer devices to communicate

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Using Circuit that enables all computer devices to communicate

It is safe to say that a motherboard (colloquially a mobo) is the backbone of any computer device. As the name suggests, the board acts as the mother of all parts attached to it, mostly including hard drives, video cards, sound cards, and any pertinent components. If we are to talk to about causes of motherboard failure, we can go about this all day. As you know, motherboards are made up of numerous small components, each with their own capacitors, resistors and transistors and every single one of these can fail. 
A fried motherboard
I can suggest several causes of mobo failures, as a single component though, based on educated guesses and user experiences, including my own. 
  • – The most common would be overheating and being fried due to lack of ventilation or small housing. Dust can also contribute to this factor, so keeping the tower clean inside and out should be in mind. 
  • – Damaged BIOS. This one is broader that it seems and is caused by several factors. Some people say incorrectly updating the BIOS can damage the board itself.
  • – Static discharge in mobo components that are caused by mishandling, static shock or power surges.
  • – Adding a lot of components which cannot be handled by power supply unit (PSU). The most common circumstance is installing a video card not suited to the PSU's wattage.
  • – Let's also keep in mind that mobo failure can be caused by physical mishandling, operating environment, mobo's poor quality and human error.

The list just goes on and on but the abovementioned factors are the typical ones and mostly experienced by users.

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