The uses and benefits of sensor in our daily lives

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I want to know more about Sensor. How far we are in this technology? What are the useful features of sensor in our daily lives? What are the different types of sensor that we can use now? Does leap motions uses sensor? How does leap motion works? What is the type of sensor that they use to make it work? Is it true that there is a device already made this year that can sense our brain impulses? What is the use of it? What is it for? Just to know the impulses or can we make gestures with that device?

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The uses and benefits of sensor in our daily lives

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Today, with the vast development of technology, sensors play a drastic role in almost all the fields of related to,
  • Acoustic, sound, vibration
  • Automotive, transportation
  • Chemistry
  • Electric current, electric potential, magnetic, radio
  • Environment, weather, moisture, humidity
  • Flow, fluid velocity
  • Ionizing radiation, subatomic particles
  • Navigation instruments
  • Position, angle, displacement, distance, speed, acceleration
  • Optical, light, imaging, photon
  • Pressure
  • Force, density, level
  • Thermal, heat, temperature
  • Proximity, presence
Use of sensors in daily life,
And of course, the Leap Motion Controllers use certain varieties of sensors, IR LEDs & cameras in its optical system to track one's body movements including hand motions and even the drawings with finger motions.
Further, with the rapid development of technology, devices that sense our brain impulses would soon be invented to facilitate with detecting the impulses and making gestures.

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