Use a different microphone for video calls

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I was using Microsoft lifecam as a webcam and mic when I make video calls in Skype. I dropped the webcam a couple of times and I noticed that the microphone quality became really terrible. I just bought a generic mic and I want to use it now together with the lifecam. How can I switch the microphone? I already plugged the mic but it is still not working.  Can anyone help me out? 

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Use a different microphone for video calls


If you don’t want to use the microphone which came with your webcam, then just plug in your generic microphone in its “red marked” slot and open up your realtek high definition audio driver software. You will notice the microphone panel (red) and see options whether you want to use the back panel or front panel. You have to select the microphone you want to use. If you have put the camera on the back panel and the new generic microphone on the front panel then just select the front panel as your default audio recording device and you are done.

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Use a different microphone for video calls


HI Nate2's

I am not so sure that your problem exist in the microphone you bought. I guess the problem mainly can be  seen in the time you drop the cam that may affect the whole thing broke.
 First Option.
Actually, the type of cam that has a built-in microphone can only be used as a whole product to be plug and play together..

  • In order to satisfy your ideas. Try to Install each individually to be plug and play.. The set of Microsoft Lifecam as a webcam and mic are controlled to be as 1. The only thing in this is that the system of  mic is still plugging and playing even it is broke and upon installing the new device of MIC you just bought , the system will  initiate conflict  and there will be unreliable effect of system drives that neglect the two mic not to function. This is why you think that the problem is in the mic, but its not.
  • Therefore the solution is you will need to buy a new webcam with no built-in mic on it and so that you can used your new mic for communication.

Second Option.

Test the old webcam and the  new product you buy into a different computer. See if it works, IF NOT, you were unlucky to the product you brought. REPLACED it to the store you buy. IF YES, then theres a problem in the motherboard port.

Third Option.
RE-INSTALL the driver of the product you used before. Maybe the problem is in the software..

  1. Shutdown your PC after installation of the Microsoft Lifecam.
  2. Insert the WEBCAM on it and your newly buy MIC.. and ON your PC/computer. This will automatically detect the operating system itself, it will extract the driver and automatically run's it.
  3. Hints: Inserting the set of product while the computer is  ON will not be functioning or DETECT the newly inserted accessories,   unless you restart your computer.

Hope this will help you.

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