uses an invalid security certificate.

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I have been experiencing an error on my screen for the last few days about connection security.

I can't understand what does this error means and how can I fix it up.

I have attached the screenshot of the error below:

Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate

The error states:

Secure connection failed uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate will not be valid until 6/23/2010 7:21 PM.

(Error code: sec_error_expired_certificate)

This could be a problem with the server’s configuration or it could be someone trying to impersonate the server. If you have connected to this server successfully in the past the error may be temporary and you can try again later. There are no changes that I have made to my system recently. I only uninstalled some of my applications, and that’s it.

Can anyone tell me the reason for this error please and how can it be fixed.

Waiting for your replies.



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Hi there,

You can be surprised at how some little details on our PCs that are incorrect can affect the performance of our systems. For example the above error is mostly generated or brought about by incorrect date readings on your PC. If the correct date isn't set, it tends to read as backdated certificates which have expired when in real sense they haven't hence the security error. You need to change & set your date settings to current date & time then try to re-open the page again.

You can also ensure any website you are trying to load, it's identity certification hasn't expired as this also tends to bring up the error. You can load pages that their identity certification are up to date & legally verified so as not to open any un-trusted websites from un-trusted sources.

Hope that resolves your error problem.

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This could be a problem with the server configuration. It might be that someone is trying to personate the server. The error might be in date and time. You need to test the system date and time settings. Check if you have recently installed or uninstalled any application or you need to check the CMOS battery that might be needing the replacement. CMOS battery is required for BIOS settings and if it goes out of date then in that problem might arise in the updating of system date and time.

Waters Magner

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