USB dongle on my PC

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I have a USB dongle on my PC-Infrared windows 7. I wish I could control the projector from my office because I never know where is the remote and because it is the ceiling is not too practical to turn it on without.

I am looking for software that would allow me to save the buttons on the remote while , like what existed at the time on the pocket PC equipped with IRDA modules. Were corded the buttons and then you could manage anything.

I can not find this kind of software on Windows, everyone I have found the reverse, check the PC via a remote control, or they are from quite a few years and do not support USB dongle (port series only).

If you know something that looks like, I'm interested.

In advance thank you.


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USB dongle on my PC



Jason your question is very unclear I am not able to understand what you are looking for. The only thing I got is that you want a software to control IRDA  modules, but you want the software for your PC or another device, so I am telling you about two software's, one for PC and one for Nokia phones.

Software for PC link

Software for Nokia link:

These are the best software's available.

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