Usage of Simple error handling demo

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I have a non-existent file residing in My Documents folder.

I want to open it and view what the content are, but I was unable to open it.

Now I want it to be deleted but I can’t delete it.

Is there a way to delete these non-existent files?

Simple Error Handling Demo

Software Errors

Convert bad string to an integer

Cast button to a form

Open a non-existent file

Hardware Errors

Divide by zero

Access invalid memory location

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Usage of Simple error handling demo


Hello Donal,

If you did not put that file in my documents it will be risky trying to open it to view its contents for you don't know what it may be carrying. The following are some things you will need to do to delete it:

  • Select it and then press Shift + Delete to eliminate the document.
  • If it is still there, you can go ahead and install a program called Unlocker which will forcefully delete the document.




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