Upload/download file if web server is made on load balancing environment.

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Suppose you are software developer, and deployed a website on web server which is getting excel file from user and is saving into local drive and then is accessing on another page. Now, IT admin has applied the load balancing environment with four servers. What change you need to make in application so if document is generated by one server, then while accessing the document, it can open if request goes to another server.

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Upload/download file if web server is made on load balancing environment.



The question is interesting and the solution to this problem is very simple.

Between the user and web storage, there is another system which works for load balancing. If there are 4 servers for load balancing.

Load balancing system is completely different. What it does is, it shows 4 or more different routes to reach the shared web storage. It is done to maintain traffic from different places. Suppose if there is only 1 server, which is processing all the requests, it will be overloaded with requests and the performance will degrade.

To overcome this situation, load balancing servers (hosts) are used, which actually process requests from different routes, though they use a shared web storage.

So conceptually, when a user uploads a file, it goes in single web storage and when IT admin wants to access that file, he is free to do so and you don't need to change any code in your application for that.

I hope it will help understanding the concept.

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