The upload failed due to an unknown error

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Hello All,

I have been using Windows Movie Maker on my Windows Vista machine. But today when I tried to upload a movie, I got an error message that there was an unknown error message.

Since the error message is not that specific about what could be the issue, I am posting it here.

My Movie.wmv (2.24M)

The upload failed due to an unknown error.

What do I do for this error message?

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The upload failed due to an unknown error


Hi Rodney,

Hope you are enjoying your life. The question you asked is regarding uploading error of a file. Though your error doesn’t give a clear detail of its nature, still I would try to answer your question, to give you some suggestions that might help you.

First, try to change the format of the file you are saving and then try to upload it. If the error remains, may be it’s due to some proxy you are using in your web browser. Clear your web browser cookies and try again. I think you will get the solution to your problem.

Thank you.

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The upload failed due to an unknown error


That error doesn’t actually point to the file you are uploading. There are several possible reasons why an upload fails and the number cause is the internet connection. When you upload a file from your computer to a website or server, the data is being transported from your machine to another remote machine.

This process takes time especially for bigger files and also depending on the current speed of your connection. During the process of uploading, if your internet connection suddenly became unstable and slowed down, the amount of time of the upload will be extended. Now, if the connection was suddenly interrupted and stopped, your upload may fail and an error can be caught.

Another possible cause is an expired session. This can happen if you are uploading a file to a website and your current session expired because of the slowness of the connection. If you are using a wireless internet such as LTE, restart your router if an error like this happens and then try uploading the file again.

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