Upload Fail Error in Deleting Image in WordPress

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I am using WordPress 3.2 for publishing my blogs. Just today, I am trying to delete my image in gallery but I am getting an error message: "Upload Fail. You do not have permission.

Has your session expired?"

I tried with WordPress 3.1 but I am getting the same exact message. My LocalHost has permission and the upload works fine.

However, I am still getting this error message. When I attempt to open the Files and Images-folder on the CMS, I got another error message stating: "Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 67108864 bytes exhausted in /home/2/k/kulturognaringsl/www/sapphire/core/(file).php on line 634."

I am not a geek when in terms of computers so kindly please help me on this one.


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Upload Fail Error in Deleting Image in WordPress


Analysis of the problem:

a. Trying to delete image in the gallery.

b. Error Message 1: Upload failed.

c. Fatal error: Allowed memory size 67108864 byes

My suggestions are:

a. Download WAMP server & WordPress 3.1/3.2. Install WAMP & WordPress 3.1/3.2. Login as Admin. Upload a different image file with small size (do not use your previous image). Create a post and add the new image in that post. Now, upload a different image. Delete the previous image and post the new image. If all goes well, then you should do the following:

1. May be, your image size is too big, and it is taking too much memory space. Reduce the image size or resolution.

2. When deleting the image file, make sure the image is not associated to any other PHP files with manual coding. You need to delete the manual coding of the PHP files related to that image file.


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