Upgrade to windows phone 8

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I heard that next generation phone will have windows 8 as OS .I just want to ask how to upgrade my older version of smartphone into windows phone 8?

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Upgrade to windows phone 8


The computer giant Microsoft yet not revealed anything about whether the phone having windows 7 (Mango) can be upgradable to Windows 8 (Apollo).

There silence or denial to comment on it make us presume the upgrade feature may not be available. According to the latest report from ‘The Verge’ (an online website), there will is less possibility to add an upgrade path from Mango to Apollo which has been confirmed by a trusted source inside Microsoft.

It is also reported by the Verge that Windows Phone 8 will be able to run all apps which are currently available in marketplace. So, wait until official announcement of Microsoft regarding this upgrade.

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Upgrade to windows phone 8


The same with Android, updating a Windows Phone to a higher version will depend on the device itself. You can do the checking right within the phone itself or using its PC suite application. Not all phones can be updated to a higher version because it is hardware-dependent. Windows phones support OTA or Over-The-Air updates. OTA means you can update the phone wirelessly.

This can be via your cellular network provider or using Wi-Fi connection. If you have a Windows phone like Nokia Lumia, you can update your phone by going to “Settings”, “About” then tap “More information” to extend the information displayed. Now, take note of the OS and firmware version.

Next, using your phone, go to Windows Phone Software Update Page to check for the latest firmware update for your device. On the page, select your device to display the “Update Availability” for all possible regions for your device then select an appropriate region or the region where you are currently located. This will now display all the countries listed for that region.

Next, select your country and your device model on the list. The OS and firmware version listed on the page is the latest version released officially by Microsoft for the device. Now, compare it with the version you noted earlier from your phone. If the version on the page and the version on your phone are the same then you don’t have to update your device.

But if the versions are different then you have a pending update. Before updating your Windows phone, check that your device has more than 500 MB internal storage space or phone memory and the battery has more than 65 percent of charge (65%). Also, make sure you have a good internet connection. To begin updating your phone, go to “Settings”, “Phone Update” then tap “Check for Updates”.

If there is a pending update, the update will download automatically. Once the update starts downloading, wait until the download completes. When the download is complete, tap “Install”. Your phone should restart automatically once the update is installed successfully. After the phone restarts, the migration of your data will begin. Wait until all steps in the migration completes.

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