Upgrade CDMA Sim Card to GSM

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I am currently using CDMA sim card. But this one doesn’t work on rural areas and also with GSM carriers. How can I upgrade to GSM (Global System for Mobile Communication)? Is it possible to do this without stopping my current CDMA service?

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Upgrade CDMA Sim Card to GSM



CDMA and GSM is two different networks. All GSM network want their own different mechanism and machines and different from CDMA.

  So if you want to change your network then you want to do this –

1.       Change your mobile phone to purchase new GSM service mobile. If you have Dual sim Mobile phone that work on both GSM and CDMA then no problem..

2.       Purchase new GSM network sim card with its service activated.

Main thing is that your CDMA sim card is not able to run GSM service. And change your Mobile set also if it is not able to run GSM service.

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Upgrade CDMA Sim Card to GSM


I do not that it will possible for you to upgrade from CDMA card to the global system for mobile communication because those are two different services.

So for you to be able to communicate in the rural areas where the CDMA sim card seem not to work, then you will have to obtain another sim card that uses GSM, and then you can be using both the CDMA sim card and the GSM one on a phone that has the capability to handle dual sim cards so that one does not end being useless.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung


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