The update “Mac OS X update” can’t be saved.

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Hi Guys,

I updated my Mac Operating system but when I complete updating, this error appears. I updated it almost within 2 hours but all was a waste of time. I again try but same error appears.

Please any one tell me why this error appears. Why I can’t get notice of successful updation.

The update “Mac OS X update” can’t be saved.

The digital signature for this package is incorrect. The package may have been tampered with or corrupted since being signed by “Apple”.


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The update “Mac OS X update” can’t be saved.



There is a way to save Mac Operating system updates. You just need to change the setting for update software here. First go to the apple menu. Then select software update.

Now in this window find the software icon. It is located at the bottom of the box. Click on this icon. Then this box will appear.

Here find a option name check for update. Click check now button or check on download important update automatically. Now save these updates.

At the time of updating progress there will appear a window on right side.  Do not click on “Install X Item(s)”. Now click on update menu.

After finishing download save it by clicking on install.

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The update “Mac OS X update” can’t be saved.


I think the problem here is not with the original version of your Mac operating system but with the upgrade file you downloaded to update the operating system.

If you do the whole process of updating your operating system the right way then there is the possibility that the file got corrupted when the computer is already doing the updating process on your computer.

This is normal and I usually experience this just like the last time I formatted my computer.

There is nothing new in the program I am installing and those are the same programs I install every time I format my hard drive.

When I was on the part where I need to install the driver for the board’s chipset, I didn’t notice any problem in the installation and it even finished successfully.

But when I needed to insert a USB flash drive, that’s the only time I knew that there is something wrong with the system. I can’t make the USB drive to work and it displays an error on the system tray.

When I checked the Device Manager I then found out that the driver I previously installed didn’t install properly. I uninstall all the USB Bus Controllers and then restarted the computer.

After booting the computer the problem was fixed automatically because the system automatically reinstalls the drivers for the USB controllers. I think this problem is very similar to you. If it is possible to restore your operating system to the part before you did the update then restore it.

After that, visit Apple Support OS X apps and then follow the instructions on how to properly update your Mac OS X and to make sure that the file has no problem.

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