Unusual font appeared on MS Office after creating on FontForge

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I have installed fontforge on Windows. I have created fonts following the tutorials provided by them. After completing designing I generated fonts in open type format. Name of my font is best. I copied the file to fonts folder of windows folder in C drive. Then I open Microsoft office and chose the font best. While typing best fonts I saw some different fonts which has been given in the picture

font created by fontforge
I did not designed it like this. The blank portion of my fonts has been filled with black color.
What is the reason? 
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Unusual font appeared on MS Office after creating on FontForge



Did you change the glyph of a font in any way?
In most truetype fonts, if you changed the glyph in any significant way, those instructions are no longer valid so Fontforge removes them. Changing a glyph with Fontforge will degrade its appearance. Fontforge only reads the saved instructions that were present in the original.
To make Fontforge generate truetype instructions for you, use the Hints > Autolnstr command. Also, draw the glyphs in a clockwise fashion. Some rasterizers do not care but others will have difficulties with counter-clockwise paths and may produce fuzzy stems or even nothing at all. Run Element > Correct Direction on all your glyphs before generating a font. 

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