Unusual behaviour of android apps to open the links

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I was using my android phone and reading posts of my friends on Facebook. One of my friends shared a link of a video on youtube. I tapped the link as I thought it will be opened up in the youtube app of my phone. But it started the browser in my phone and opened the link in the browser. I somehow dealt with it and watched the video. It was amazing and I thought I should share it on my facebook wall too. I clicked on the FB button and it again opened Facebook in the browser and asked for login id and password. WHAT THE HELL!! Is it a joke? Can anyone please tell me the reason for all this mess? Please come up with some solutions also.

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Unusual behaviour of android apps to open the links


I guess you are surprised how come different apps need to be opened just to share a YouTube video on your Facebook wall. It didn’t surprise me and it should be expected since you are using a mobile phone. This mess, as you refer it, won’t happen if you opened your Facebook account on your browser instead of the Facebook app.

Applications on your mobile phone are not linked with one another like you cannot tell your mobile browser to open the Facebook app when you want to share a YouTube video on your wall or automatically post the YouTube video on your wall if the Facebook app is already running.

The reason why your mobile browser opened Facebook on another tab is because it is not linked with the Facebook app and cannot tell if you were already signed in to your account. To share the YouTube video on your wall, just login to your Facebook account in your browser and it should be automatically posted.

After sharing the YouTube video, make sure you don’t logout your account so that next time when your browser needs to open your Facebook account, it will remain logged in. Just make sure you checked “Keep me logged in” when you signed in so your account will remain logged in and will not be automatically logged out when you close your browser. See image.

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