Unusual behavior of Dell laptop scroll pad heating

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Scroll pad of my dell laptop heats up! Is the design so inefficient or is my system is faulty one. I ordered Dell laptop from dell store so I cannot doubt some duplicate laptop is the cause for the trouble I am facing. After some 20 minutes of usage, the scroll pad really heated up but works awesomely all the time. It is just the little overheating which is bugging me a lot. I have also done one observation where it happens that it cools down itself if I disable scroll pad for some time. Can anybody tell something about this? Am I worrying without a reason?

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Unusual behavior of Dell laptop scroll pad heating


Solution 1:

1. Try to check the proper working of CPU fan using any free-ware software available in online.

2. If there is any problem found in fan, then try to contact the service center or replace the fan.

Solution 2:

1. Scroll pad over heating problem is may be due to the outdated or missing driver files of the hardware.

2. Try to uninstall the device driver software for scroll pad and re install or update the latest version of the device driver.

Solution 3:

1. Format the system and install a fresh copy of OS.

2. Install all the latest drivers except the video driver, if you are using any graphics card. If you have an installed graphics card, then try to install the driver available in dell website.

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