Unsure where to install Direct X 9.0c

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Hi everybody,

FRAPS error 8
There was a problem initializing DirectX9.
Please ensure your video drivers are up to date and you have the latest
version of DirectX installed.

I have downloaded Direct X 9.0c, but I am not sure where I can install it to get it to work.

My fraps doesn’t have a problem as I have the latest version. What is this problem and how do I solve it?

I have all the latest drivers of DirectX and video.

Thanks in advance

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Unsure where to install Direct X 9.0c


I just want to clarify that your problem is where to put the direct X file and not the FRAPS error, right? If so what you’ll do is to go to “Computer” then click on you primary disk commonly it’s Drive/Disk (C:)  then go to WINDOWSSYSTEM 32 and then copy “d3d9.dll” as well as all “d3dx9_**.dll” which should be from 24 to 43 to your FRAPS folder. 

Or if that doesn’t work, try using “Task Scheduler”. Click on the “Start” button the just type “Task Scheduler”. Then reschedule your FRAPS to run at a later time, say 10-30 seconds after the “Operating System” has finished loading. To do that, double click on the “Task Scheduler (Local)” after that double click on the “Task Scheduler Library”. 

Then look for the “FRAPS” task then right click on it then set the “condition” or “actions” or “triggers”.

Hope this helps.

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