Unlocking galaxy s4 to switch to another carrier

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I really want the galaxy S4 and I am going to be switching to Tmobile soon. I don't want to pay a ton of money for it, if I found one for a decent price from another carrier how would I unlock it so I could use it on Tmobile?

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Unlocking galaxy s4 to switch to another carrier


Hi there,

Unlocking S4 for a new carrier is very hard. Please follow the following steps to accomplish it:-

1. At first backup your mobile.

2. Launch the phone dialer and enter *#27663368378#, but DO NOT press call. It will take you to service automatically.

3. From there, press the Menu button on your device and then the Back key in the menu—not your phone's menu key.

4. Tap the Mebu button again but this time press key input.

5. Enter 1 and press OK.

6. Now the UMTS MAIN MENU will come on the screen.

7. Select [1] that is the DEBUG SCREEN.

8. Again in DEBUG SCREEN SELECT OPTION [6] which is Phone control.

9. From PHONE CONTROL select [6] which is NETWORK LOCK.

10. On the next page, you should see three options. Select [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF.

11. Return back to the Main Menu by tapping on the Menu button and then the Back key (from the menu).

12. From the UMTS MAIN MENU select [6] COMMON.

13. Now select [6] NV REBUILD.

14. Your phone will recognize that there is a golden backup.

15. Select [4] Restore Back-up.

Your phone will reboot automatically. It will take a few minutes. After the reboot is complete your phone will be unlocked for a new carrier.

You are welcome.

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Unlocking galaxy s4 to switch to another carrier


Unlocking your galaxy S4. Before doing this, switching your phone to use the other carrier. You need to carefully read the ways and the things you need to do before doing such thing. Also you want to back up all the files, movies, music, pictures that you have just to be safe from anything. I will provide you with the links and a video to watch how to do this. Web page to unlock your galaxy s4. I added a link for a video on how to do it. 

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