Uninstall and Configure Exchange 2010 servers to test DAG’s

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I am currently having trouble uninstalling Exchange 2010 on one of my servers. I suspect that my efforts are failing mainly because the database folder for this server has not been installed. As a result of this it needs to check for local copies.

I have two Exchange 2010 servers. With the second server, I am trying to configure it to test DAG’s but haven’t quite figured out how to do this. I had the Log and DB drives of these server pulled from  first server. On making use of the M: recover switch to recover the server image and thus enabling Exchange to run properly, no log files/databases were found. The first server is in use and it is running well and it has the only functional public folder and mailbox database. I am now seeking your guidance to help me figure out this problem that is blocking me from uninstalling.

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Uninstall and Configure Exchange 2010 servers to test DAG’s


The uninstallation of the application may be unsuccessful because you are not using the right procedure. When you go to the control panel, is the application listed as part of the applications there? In case it is then I will suggest that you try removing it from there. If it does not get removed just yet then try the following:

  • Go to start on your computer.
  • Click on My Computer to open it.
  • Click on C to open the primary hard drive.
  • Click on program files and then look for a folder that has exchange 2010 files and open it.
  • Select everything inside it and delete it.

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