An unexpected error-Could not create effect soar.fx (NULL)

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I install RW on my brand new Personal Computer, I re-developed trouble-free Roam scenario on the Hedborough North that I finally developed on my XP computer to verify the fresh things of rolling collection.

In extra time I did plus additional DLA into the scenario, and it's been fair all the time. On the other hand, unexpectedly it ended loading filling up the following error message.

Could not create effect soar.fx (NULL)

Error ERROR: Could not create effect soar.fx (NULL) FILE: C:DevRailWorksreleaseCodeLibsHeraclesEngineDrawDxCommoncHcEffe ctDx.cpp LINE:174 OK “Verify Game cache” this software I tried and it solved the issue.

It could not work longer while I installed the corporate patched one more time, giving the similar error message as the last message. So I have a query and I want to know; is any method there to force to downloaded again separate or individual things of DLC.

Confidently I can perform more work to find of which patch is creating an issue.

I would like to notice this thing also that I have attempted to delete “Ncf”, “pi” and folder for a single special thing of DLC, started the computer again, Exiting steam, clear the game cache earlier than running Railworks and it did not downloaded again the files again. Please Help.

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An unexpected error-Could not create effect soar.fx (NULL)



What to do:
*  Immediately exit the game completely.
*  Restart
*  From the Main Menu go to Downloadable Content, Installed Content Tab and make sure all your DLC is authorized.

At this point you should be back into a good state with regards to the game recognizing your DLC, but you now have to figure out how to go forward. Go back through your saves looking for the last good one made before the DLC was removed. 

Clues that it is included  :    DLC Items are equipped/in inventory (chest contents are not a good indicator). Warden's Keep and Shale related quests accurately reflect their state in the journal. Soldier's Peak and/or Honnleath are on the World Map if you've already unlocked them.

Speaking to Shale gets you normal conversation. If that’s not too far back, Congratulations! Load it up and keep playing from there.


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