Understanding USB modem indicator LED colors

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I have a USB modem connected to my computer. Usually I get issues with the internet connection and I used to restart it. I see the LEDs keep blinking at it and keep changing the color. I usually see Red, Blue and solid Green. 

Can you please help me in understanding the meaning of different colors in modem indicator?

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Understanding USB modem indicator LED colors


Actually, it depends on the modem you are using. Here's no specification about the modem but I am providing you the indicator signals of a DSL modem.

RED – RED blinking generally indicated failure. RED steady lights indicate Hardware Power Up is in progress.

Solid GREEN – Power is on. USB link is established and everything is Good. Flashing GREEN indicates receiving or transmitting activity

BLUE – Not generally seen this light. If so, the modem may busy detecting and indicating its presence on the system.

Check out the following image to get some clear idea about it –

Modem Light
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Understanding USB modem indicator LED colors



USB modems have light indicators.

The Blue light on the USB modem will indicate that the USB modem is either trying to search for a signal or is currently booting up after resetting the device.

Usually the internet connection gets interrupted and changes to blue because of the low signal coming in to the USB modem.

The Red light indicates that the USB modem has totally no signal either the tower that provides the connection is out of range or there are some applications that are hindering the connection from the USB device to the computer/Laptop.

As for the green light, it only shows that the Internet connection is active and that it is also currently connected to the tower that provides the connection.

Having a green light also means that you have an excellent signal in the area where the USB modem is being used.


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