Understanding on how 3D games are working

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Hello there!
I am interested gaining a deep understanding on how 3D games are working and I am looking for useful websites where I could find techniques on how to view a 3D rendered object in full detail.
I intend to learn what exactly happens in my computer when I see these visuals. You see, I am using DirectX 9.0, a graphics card with 256 megs of RAM, and a 3.0GHz CPU but I don’t have any idea how the 1s and 0s work from my hard drive to my screen. I only have a basic knowledge on how a microprocessor works so I tried searching the Internet but all I got was generic information.
For instance, I learned from www.howstuffworks.com that a computer has to render the polygons when it comes to 3D.
What I really want to understand is how DirectX works and how does it interact with the rest of the system to be able to produce 3D graphics.
I realize that what I am asking for might require for somebody with a degree to answer but I am really interested in what’s going on behind the screen I see everyday.
I am hoping you’ll be able to help me find the answers.
Thank you very much.

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Understanding on how 3D games are working



A game is run by a system called game engine. A game engine is huge and complex system and there is not a factor but lot’s of factor include with it I can assure that by telling you that there are a full company need to develop a game like call of duty 5, Though developer can use one engine to develop more then one game. Game engine include a system called render engine which is important part. The game engine also include parts like sound, scripting, animation, artificial intelligences, networking side etc. also there are various types of game engine for example, first person game engine is the most common type of game engine.

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