Uncaught JavaScript exception Error Reading Storage Information

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When I launch Adobe bridge I get an error saying Error in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/StartupScripts/AdobeLibrary2.jsx

This happened just recently but I have been using Adobe bridge successfully for a while.          

Error in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/StartupScripts/AdobeLibrary2.jsx

Error in /Library/Application Support/Adobe/StartupScripts/AdobeLibrary2.jsx

Line 220: throw localize “$$$/WAS/Store/err3=Error Reading Storage Information: File not found ):

Uncaught JavaScript exception: Error Reading Storage Information: File Not Found.

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Uncaught JavaScript exception Error Reading Storage Information


I think there’s a problem with the main program that’s why Adobe Bridge generated an error. Adobe Bridge was created by Adobe Systems and is not sold or downloaded separately. It is a required component of Adobe Technical Communication Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Adobe eLearning Suite, and Adobe Photoshop C2 until CS6.

That’s why if this program is already not working properly then it is probably because its mother program has a problem. The error indicates a missing file which is probably accidentally deleted, got corrupted, or maybe an update made to your operating system accidentally moved the file somewhere else. If you have one of the programs mentioned above, try reinstalling it.

Uninstall it first then install it back. This will automatically restore all the components and files of Adobe Bridge. Another possible reason is a problem in the internet connection. Adobe Bridge is allowed to access Adobe Stock Photos. It is an online collection of stock photography images obtained from famous stock photo houses.

That’s why if the program is accessing that server and you have a problem in your connection then it is more likely that you will have an error like this because the application can’t retrieve the correct information or file which will turn out to be missing because it can’t be accessed.

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