Unable to Update iTunes 10.1

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I am trying to download the iTunes update but I am getting an error message: “100_0539 was not copied because it could not be found.” I am syncing my iPod Touch to my iTunes 10.1. But the error is appearing when trying to update my iTunes. Can someone please help me on this? Thanks.

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Unable to Update iTunes 10.1


The update available is for Mac OS X and Windows users. You have two options to download the update:

You can use the Software Update feature from inside of iTunes, or you can go to Software Update from the Apple menu. Both will show you the download for iTunes 10.1.

If you go the Apple route, you don’t need to fill out your email, you can just click on the “Download Now” button. This will download an installer and you can then update iTunes yourself.

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Unable to Update iTunes 10.1


Hello Kim,


Reinstalling iTunes will not help fixing this issue. Instead you have to delete and wipe out the Apps with errors.
Or try the steps below.
  1. Make sure that, in the iTunes preferences (Advanced Settings), you DO NOT copy the files to your iTunes Media folder.
  2. Exit iTunes
  3. Start iTunes with the Shift key hold down. This will ask for another iTunes Library
  4. Choose "Create Library"
  5. Create the library in a new location.
  6. Open the iTunes App pane 
  7. Open the old Media Folder in Windows File Explorer and go to the Mobile Applications folder located in it.
  8. Depending on the amount of apps you have and how many of them are required with an update, drag & drop apps into iTunes. (amount of less than 100 updates is fair).
  9. Because you didn't copy any of the files into the media folder, this won't take much long.
  10. Click the "Update Apps" link
  11. After the update, close iTunes
  12. Copy those new apps (updated) into the old Media Folder
  13. Sort the list "by date"
  14. Open iTunes with Shift key pressed down
  15. Select your old iTunes library
  16. Drag & drop the copied and updated apps into your old iTunes library

You can now run the update normally. Hope this helps.



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