Unable to start the Genymotion virtual device.

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Hi there,

I cannot configure VirtualBox again. First time I used it worked wonderful without any error. When I want to use it again this error message box appears on my desktop and I can’t configure it right. How can I configure VirtualBox again? Is there some standard steps for this?

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Unable to start the Genymotion virtual device.

VirtualBox can’t run the virtual device.

Try to run the virtual device directly from VirtualBox to check for issues.

Check the log files for more information. For this, refer to:



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Unable to start the Genymotion virtual device.



Genymotion is a great Android virtualization OS for PC. You’re trying to run the virtual device using VirtualBox.

First of all, check your RAM’s free space. It is also a great fact to virtual devices that they would get the required amount of free RAM space. Press “ Ctrl + Shift + Esc”, kill the processes that are taking a large portion of memory.

Also, if you were trying to start Genymotion from “Saved” mode, it won’t work. Though this is an awesome feature of VirtualBox, it doesn’t work with some OS. Start “Genymotion” directly from VirtualBox, without the “Saved” mode.

If you still can’t get the problem fixed, delete the virtual device, and then re-create the device using the installation package. Here’s how you’ll do this thing.

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