Unable to Send/Receive Emails Outlook Express

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In my office I have to use Outlook Express for sending and receiving company emails. But I am not getting normal service and when I try to send email, it is showing an error message:

“The operation timed out waiting for a response from the receiving (POP) server 0x8004210a”

I give a try by reinstalling the software again but still unable to send or receive any email. I can ensure you that this is not a server problem because every other mail on the network is running very well. I can access old messages from my inbox or other boxes. But I seriously fear of loosing all the messages.

IT person of my company is absent that’s why I need your help seriously.

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Unable to Send/Receive Emails Outlook Express



I also have issues like this before and this is related to the messages that you have on the server, for example the webmail of your ISP. The maximum file size of the .dbx files that are used by Outlook Express is 2 GB, if there is a large size email that is being received on the Outlook Express, the computer performance will be greatly affected by it especially the Outlook Express and that will cause the error message.

1. Log in to the webmail of your ISP and check if there are large files.

2. Read the emails that have more than 100 MB in size especially those that are more than 100 MB in size and save it or delete it so that the Outlook Express won’t try receiving it.

3. Once your done checking for the large emails, go back to the Outlook Express  and check if you will still have the same error message.

4. If you still have the same issue, try disabling the firewall of the computer or the antivirus, then check the Outlook Express again and check for the issue.

If the same error message happens try using the hot fix of Microsoft by going to the Microsoft.com and then search and install the hot fix software on the computer and run it.

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Unable to Send/Receive Emails Outlook Express



I have here some additional information that might be of assistance if the problem exist again or if you have a friend who will have the same issue. The problem has been observed in some configurations that use antivirus software to scan email and the antivirus products in which this problem occurs may vary. You need to check if the virus protection is the one causing the error message.  So we need to disable it or open the security center and try disabling the firewall or the email security.

If the same issue occurs, try checking the internet connection if it's working or not. If still has the same issue, so the other option is to uninstall and reinstall the Outlook Express that you are using. Before uninstalling the Outlook Express we need to back up first the emails that you have there or the other way to back up the emails is to send it to a different email address.

Take note that this is the last solution that you will be doing to resolve the issue.  Since it's going to be complicated and you will need to do a lot of troubleshooting. Here is the link of the steps that you need to do: Uninstall Outlook Express


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Unable to Send/Receive Emails Outlook Express


Hi there,

The obvious reasons why you are getting this error is because of the security software. What security software do is it filtered incoming and outgoing email messages. Sometimes, it's the settings can trigger this issue to keep popping up. A faulty security software can make your email client act this way. A simple solution are listed below. Steps that for sure will solve the problem.

Here are the steps below are the resolution related to: 0x8004210a

* You have to Close Outlook Express
* Then you have to disable the Anti-virus software including email Scanning tools
* Reopen Outlook Express
* Select Send/Receive to download your email messages.
* It is your security software was causing the inability to download their email.

The steps are pretty simple because this is something to do with the email scanning software installed in your computer. Once the software are disabled, and try check email again. If email are coming in and sending also has no problem, you'll need to re-enabled the software. If problem persist after that then you'll need to contact your security software manufacture for help.

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