Unable to send emails with mail server bearing Red X

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I have a Windows 2000 server that runs on Exchange 2000 and they all have the latest patches and SP’s. All the other services are running normally except for the mail being sent. There is no problem with receiving incoming mail. On checking under the tools in Exchange Systems Manager I found out that my mail server name has a Red X and its status is set to unreachable. I would appreciate if someone helped me out.

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Unable to send emails with mail server bearing Red X

  1. Check that the connection or the IP that you have defined in the outgoing or your mail server is pinging or not.
  2. Open the CMD from the start menu.
  3. Type Pin -t xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx or whatever your IP is.
  4. After that if it replies back then it is good but if you get the error like unreachable or host not replying then you have a problem.
  5. once you figure this out then configure your IP first.
  6. After that see what type of configuration block you are going to send the email. You also have to make a test connection and test this thing on it. If it still gets you the error, then there are a lot of other things that are needed to be modified before addressing this issue.

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