Unable to recover memory password

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I am using a Nokia mobile. I have 8 GB memory card in this phone. I set a password on this memory. Now I forget this password to open. In this situation I only can use this memory in my phone. It is inaccessible in other phone or through computers. I want to recover my password. But don’t know how? Please help me to recover my memory password. It will be great help for me.

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Unable to recover memory password


You can recover your memory password.

But you need to do the following steps to be done this.

  1. Go to the link
  2. Now after downloading this file. Unzip this file by using any extract all.
  3. In unzipped version you get FExplorer_english_117.SIS named file.
  4. Now transfer this file to your phone via Bluetooth or USB.
  5. Install this file in your memory card.
  6. Now in default drive of your phone you get mmcstore named file.
  7. Transfer this mmcstore file to your computer via USB or Bluetooth whatever you use.
  8. Open this mmcstore file with notepad in your computer.
  9. In this notepad file now you can see your password of your memory.
  10. Now you can unlock the memory by using this password.

I hope you can do this. You just need to follow my suggestion perfectly step by step.

Your problem will be solved. Actually once I also lost my password, I get it through this process.

So try it without any doubt, without any delay to use your memory freely. 

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Unable to recover memory password


In order to recover your Nokia cellphone's memory card password its necessary that you have a Symbian phone which I suppose you would have.

Follow these steps as given in order to recover :

1. Install X-Plore in your phone. Click the link X-plore & locate the software according to the Symbian Version you have.
2. Open the X-Plore app in your phone & press the zero(0) button. Make sure you have checked the option "Show the system files"
3. Then goto C:/Sys/Data/Mmcstore
4. After reaching there, goto options & press the button three(3) which will make it appear in Hex-viewer
5. Move to the third column where you will see a code…TMSD02G (c??”?x???9?8?7?6?5)…Your password is the characters lying  in between the question marks(?). In this case the password is 98765
Its quite easy.
You just have to follow everything step by step 🙂
If you find any confusion then of course you can ask here freely 🙂

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