Unable to re install itunes

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I am using iPhone for quite a long time now. I have windows vista installed on my system. My iTunes was running perfectly fine before I downloaded the newest version of iTunes just a day ago. Now I am facing a problem. It still syncs well with my phone but it fails in searching any of my iPods. I receive the following message:

"The software required for communicating with iPods and mobile devices was not installed correctly".

I repaired it by pressing the repair tab but all in vain. The only solution I could think of was to uninstall iTunes and the reinstall it. So I did so after reading and understanding the instructions for uninstalling as per Apple Support page. I downloaded it successfully and started the installation but after a few minutes, I received an error. The screenshot of the error is as follows:

allyour music. allin one place


There is a problem with this Windows installer package

A program required for this install to complete could not

Be run. Contact your support personnel or package



I really need your help guys. I need to install iTunes for my phone. Please help me as soon as you can.

Anxiously waiting for your reply




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Unable to re install itunes


The problem there is not actually your apple product rather there’s a problem with your operating system.

What you can do is try to update your current OS to the latest service pack (SP) from Microsoft and then do a fresh installation of the iTunes program.

If it still does not work try to defrag your pc and then do the service pack update (SP) and then try reinstalling the latest version of iTunes.

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Unable to re install itunes



Sometimes Vista can be really difficult. But here’s a quick repair. The first thing to do is, go to All Programs under Start then look for the Apple Software Update. This is to check that this application is working well.

If it does, it will provide you update like shown below:

If it does not work, go to Control Panel and look for the Apple Software Update and click Repair.

If the repair goes well you can now try another iTunes installation.

Good luck!

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