Unable to load catalog …

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My dialer program generates following error messages during operation.

It shows that it is not finding catalog. I don't know why because I never changed its default setting or it's registry entries.

How can the problem be solved?


Call Logging

                  Unable to load catalog

                  Program terminated.





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Unable to load catalog …


The solution of your this problem is also  with some of my know  users. These  users had restricted pc and the  “hfw” file was read only. If you should  change  the ntfs permission and than I sure  it  will work properly.  So I suggest  you  also check the ntfs permission on your pc.

One another way of solution  is like that, you should right click on the call logger  and go to properties then go to compatibility, after it  click on the run this program in compatibility mode than choose the OS you running on your PC. So if you running windows 7  than please choose Service Pack 3.

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