Unable to install Symantec Anti Virus on MAC

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Hello All,

I am trying to install Symantec Antivirus on one of my MAC OS X 10.6. I downloaded the package from one of my network servers and started the installation. The installation was completed without issues.

I rebooted the machine to complete the installation process and there is an error message that pops up after the reboot. I am not able to update the AV software, neither am I able to enable the Auto Protect option.

Symantec AntiVirus can’t be installed on this computer

The Rosetta software component must be installed before you install Symantec Antivirus. Rosetta is an optional installation item on the Mac OS X Snow Leopard installation disc. Alternately, you can use Software Update and your internet connection to Install Rosetta. To access Software Update, open any PowerPC application in Snow Leopard.

Please help.

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Unable to install Symantec Anti Virus on MAC


The problem is that, you want to know if the Rosetta software is required, before you can use the Symantec Antivirus on your MAC OS. When your first install the SAV for Macintosh, you are prompted to install first Rosetta, otherwise you will receive that kind of error. If you click Close then the Symantec Antivirus installer will exit.

MAC OS X 10.6 doesn’t install Rosetta accordingly. Rosetta and SACM client has dependencies. The Rosetta will allow the PowePC-based code that is being used by Symantec Antivirus and SACM daemon client, for software execution without having any error.

You can download Rosetta software to this link.

After you install the software, run the setup again, for SAV. This should fix the problem regarding your issue.

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Unable to install Symantec Anti Virus on MAC


Just like the error message says, you will need to install the Rosetta software component which is crucial for the symantec antivirus to work. Some applications need some important components to be installed for them to work, like you will find most games need the .NET Framework to be installed so that they can work, but in this case symantec antivirus needs the Rosetta software component to be installed first for it to work.

Therefore I will advise you to follow the procedures that have been mentioned, since you downloaded the antivirus from the internet then I do not think you are using a disc to install. So I will suggest that you use software update to try and find the Rosetta software component online and install it.

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