Unable to install odesk team

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Hi .

I am having a problem when installing odesk team application.

I am a freelance worker on odesk and i have recently changed my os from xp to win 7.

In win xp i installed the odesk team set up, and it worked perfectly.

But in windows7 while downloading the software in win7 it take long time and does not install properly.

Actually the software is only 3 mb but it downloaded more than 31 Mb.

I need a solution for this.

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Unable to install odesk team


I am using windows 7 and also an odesk member and I didn't encounter this kind of problem when I installed it.

If you have downloaded the web installer on odesk you will have to wait for it to be installed and it is 31 Mb.

Solution 1:

Check you connection for your LAN you might be experiencing some problem with your network, also call your ISP and test your internet browser and browse one site to confirm that it is the problem.

Solution 2:

Check the odesk website and see if they are under maintenance, The web installer program is about 803 Kb and you might want to redownload your setup once again and then reinstall it.


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Unable to install odesk team


There are numbers of issues why oDesk team software can't be downloaded by oDesk team has this instructions and solutions on how to fix certain issue. Try to check their website that has list of Frequently Ask Questions or FAQ's.

This will give you idea on what is the cause and the possible reason why oDesk team software can't be installed. It also has list of suggestions and instructions on to fix this issue.

Please see oDesk FAQ.

The common issue when installing oDesk team software are;

Intermittent Internet connection
oDesk outage
Software incompatibility
Firewall software
Incorrect steps when installing oDesk

Make sure that there is no current oDesk team installed in your computer. Even though, you've reformat your computer and installed new OS but the software might still be in their.

Remove this existing software and re-install the oDesk team once more.

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Unable to install odesk team


Hello, I have been a member of odesk as well as I am using Windows7 and installed the odesk team application successfully. There should have no such problem in a normal condition or this might not be the operating system error.

I suggest you the following solutions-

Solution 1. Try to check your firewall settings and make sure that it allows the application setup.

Solution 2. Have a look on your download manager settings or simply re-install the download manager and try downloading the odesk application again.

Solution 3. While downloading from odesk, make sure you are downloading the right application for your operating software.

Solution 4. Take a look on your browser settings and download option.

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