Unable to install any OS in my system.

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Hi all,

The problem I am facing is that, I am unable to install any OS in my PC. I am struggling since long to install, but whenever I try to install OS, the files get copied to Hard Disk and when the message “Setup is restarting computer appears” PC gets hanged. Very rarely the system restarts and even the setup starts, but get hanged somewhere in the middle. Only once I was able to install it completely, but it too gets corrupted quite soon.

Now I am clueless, where the problem is, as I have taken my system to experts, but one said its RAM problem and the other one saying it’s hard that is corrupted. I am using XP and my system is about 3-4 years old. Does this matter?

Unable to install any OS on my system.


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Unable to install any OS in my system.



1. The hard disk may get corrupted as since you have been using it for 3 years. And indeed time matters in case of electronic items. Often too much formatting may cause hard bad sectors which may also create problems. Therefore I will recommend downloading your hard disk maker’s diagnostic utility from their own website for checking.                                 
2. RAM may not be defective. It is possible that it has been over utilized outside the limit, maybe due to incorrect settings in BIOS. Those troubles may happen for power supply failure on the motherboard. Therefore you can also look at capacitors for symptoms like brown leakage.                                                                                
3. Again you have told that system frequently got hanged after copying of files. Actually this is the time when system initiates installation procedure and attempts to initiate all hardware drives. When there is more than one thing about hardware attached with the setup, one of the drivers may not be installed.  (This is based on the experience gathered by me with Win95). Therefore try to keep updated versions of the main drivers.                                                       
4. Alteration of key elements like RAM,HDD may also solve the problem as latest parts will enter along with latest drivers. Since all the alternatives heading to either bad areas on early drivers or HDD.                                   
5. Enter into the website >> take SeaTools by Seagate, create a CD and boot so that diagnostic may occur. If the result is clean in diagnostics then I will recommend for making zero the drive with the same utility and then reinitiate the complete process.
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Unable to install any OS in my system.


Hi, the problem you facing is that you unable to install any OS in your PC.

You said the one expert say  it’s RAM problem and other one said it’s Hard Disk is corrupted…..

They are may be right …..

I say at first you check your XP CD and CD Rom/Writer

Then Check your Hard Disk

Then Check your RAM then

Finally   Check your Motherboard. I think may be your Motherboard has some problem….

I hope after changing your Motherboard you will install any OS on your PC

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Unable to install any OS in my system.


You should have included what OS you are trying to install and about the CD ROM and the CD itself you are using.

Sometimes, it is the compatibility  between the CD and the CD ROM. Try a different CD of that OS and install or try a different CD ROM with that CD that hangs up or with another CD with same OS or vice versa. In this case, you have three things to consider that could have been defective. It is either the hard drive, CD ROM, and the CD.

I have experienced it myself when I am using a CD-RW installer for xp and inserted to a older CD ROM with only 5X speed and it takes up to 1 hour to copy files and hangs up when it reaches to 57%. I've tried it again but nothings changed and it’s only up to 57% for about an hour. So I borrowed a CD that has a 52X speed, much faster than that of CD-RW which is only 12X and I've completed the installation for about 40 minutes.

It also differs for your CD ROM's particularly their speed. Older versions only have 5X and that is lower compared to current DVD writers that reaches to 52X  up to the all speed versions.  Just try the above options and if it isn’t working, then consider your hard drive be replaced and repeat the installation process

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