Unable to initialize XAudio 2

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I installed the Snes9X in my computer which has the windows operating system. I am getting this error message whenever I open the Snes9X. I have DirectX in my system but I am not sure about the version. What is DirectX? Where I can download the DirectX? Please guide me to find the solution. Thanks.

Unable to initialize XAudio2. You will not be able to hear any sound effects or music while playing.

It is usually caused by not having a recent DirectX release installed.

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Unable to initialize XAudio 2


DirectX is one of the greatest products introduced by Microsoft. This DirectX has made gaming even more enjoyable with awesome graphics and speed. Though this is powerful, this is totally free and that’s the reason of its popularity.

Every PC must have DirectX runtime installed in order to run programs that are developed using DirectX. Download the latest DirectX Runtime. Run the “Setup.exe”. Make sure that your PC doesn’t interrupt the internet connection.

Now, run XAudio. This should work fine.

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Unable to initialize XAudio 2


I also use emulators for those old gaming consoles. Snes9x is an emulator for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System or SNES. The emulator allows you to play most of the games designed for the SNES and Super Famicom Nintendo gaming systems on your desktop computer. The usual problem you might encounter with these emulators is with the video and sound.

The emulator comes with its own sound and video drivers and you have multiple selections of these drivers in the program. The emulator doesn’t actually come with a manual that will teach you which driver to use. It is actually up to you which driver to use. The emulator has its own default presets when you first run it.

The program is set to use the default drivers that works for most users. If you encounter a problem with the sound like the one in your screenshot, you simply need to select a different sound driver in the program. In Snes9x, go to the Settings and then Audio then change the current sound driver. After this, try playing a game again and see if it works.

If it doesn’t or there is a problem with the sound, select a different audio driver in the Settings. This also goes to the video. Any problem you might encounter, just change the current video driver. To download the latest, go to Snes9x Download.

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