Unable to find file (C:ProgrammeAviraVir Desktopccplg.xml).

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Hi! Readers,

While I was using my computer at home, I observed that my computer is running a little bit slower.So I restarted my computer to get a fresh start but even after I booted windows I still experienced some slow downs.So I scanned my computer for some virus that might infect my computer. I used Avira in scanning, when I started the scan I met an error and pasted below is the error message.

Avira Premium Security Suite
Unable to find file (C:ProgrammeAviraVir Desktopccplg.xml).

When I read on the error, it seems that my Avira Antivirus is malfunctioning.So I removed Avira, and installed it again and after installation I scanned my computer but same error message appeared.Please help me find a solution to this error.

Thanks for reading.

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Unable to find file (C:ProgrammeAviraVir Desktopccplg.xml).


Dear Chrischamp,

CCPLG.XML: Unable to find file (C:ProgrammeAviraVir Desktopccplg.xml).This error indicates that there are viruses in your computer and they have infected your files and also Avira Antivirus itself.
Also this is the cause of slow speed.
How to fix this error? Avira has to be re-installed without un-installing the previous one.
Which means you should launch setup and click on the repair button just. Setup will replace corrupt files and repair your Antivirus. After this restart your system.
I hope your problem will be solved.
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Unable to find file (C:ProgrammeAviraVir Desktopccplg.xml).



The error message that you provided indicates that there are corrupted files in your Antivirus that is caused by a virus infection that takes advantage of your Antivirus program. Having a full system scan won't help since it is already infected. However, there is an alternative solution to get rid of this problem.

First is to set for a boot time scan. Boot time scan is different from full system scan which is commonly used by most users. Boot time scan is initiated before the operating system completely loads. Unlike full system scan, Boot time scan prevents any executables from executing itself because they are dependent to the operating system when loaded.

To do the Boot time scan, Open your Antivirus and look for the scan settings. Ideally, Most Antivirus has four scan options namely the Quick scan, Full System scan, Selected drive / Scan removable media and Boot time scan. Schedule your Antivirus for boot time scan and the program will ask you to restart.

After the restart, it will perform the boot time scan in a blue screen environment. This type of setting is much faster and more effective compared to normal scan where you can access via desktop. After completing the scan, it should return results probably viruses that is detected and being removed and even your Antivirus program files are included since it is infected also.

Since your Antivirus  could not function properly because there are files missing due to the infection, you can just re-install it by clicking the set up file and you will be given two options whether to remove or repair program. Select repair and it will recover lost files and get the latest updates available.

Good Luck.!

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