Unable to Export An internal error has occurred

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I am a new comer in learning Adobe in detail. When I am trying to export a file from LR 4.1 using windows operating system I ended up with an error message. I am using this export function for the first time, so I don’t understand exactly the problem. Why it happened? Do I need to install this again? Please don’t suggest me this option of reinstallation. How to fix the error? Thanks a lot.

Unable to Export

An internal error has occurred: ***-[_NSArrymOblectAtlndex:]: index 13 beyond bounds [0… 12]

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Unable to Export An internal error has occurred


This is a problem with many person using LR. This may have caused by the Post-Processing/After Export field being incorrectly left blank by LR and not by the user. You simply put a valid action in that box (do nothing) and the issue should resolve or another way is that . You try to successfully copy the ord flickr.lrplugin file from 4.0 or 3 and restart your LR. For the first time it may fail but you edit the settings(where you have to redo the login info).

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