Unable to export a file into ProTools

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Hi Everyone,

I am trying to export a file into ProTools 8 from Nuendo 3.2 and I am unable to do so as I receive the following error message when attempting to do so. I chose to Export from File Menu after selecting the track as new AAF/OFM and then this message pops up. The error message gave me an option to disable Elastic Audio processing in order to render the changes. I tried setting all the elastic audio to render only mode. But still, I seem to have no luck, this error keeps appearing again. I need the elastic audio edits in my export because I'm doing a remix. Please can somebody help me to resolve this problem while still allowing me to use elastic audio processing? If you have such a solution, I am all ears. Thanking you in advance for any help rendered.


One or more of the selected tracks use Elastic Audio Processing and cannot be exported. please disable Elastic Audio processing in order to render changes to disk.

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Unable to export a file into ProTools


I think you are only confused as to what format you will going to save the file you are doing in Nuendo 3.2. If you can’t export the file without using the Elastic Audio processing setting, the best way to export it is to save the work in audio file that can also be opened by Pro Tools 8.

I think what you are doing is exporting it directly from Nuendo to Pro Tools. If it can’t be done, just save the project as an ordinary audio file. Pro Tools can open files in formats like WAV, AIFF, AIFC, MP3, WMA, and SDII. It can also open QuickTime video files.

Or you can try, from Nuendo, export it to Pro Tools using AAF. Though, according to some users who are experienced Nuendo and Pro Tools users, exporting to Pro Tools either via AAF or OMF supports only mono tracks and stereo tracks have to be splitted.

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