Unable to detect backup devices after upgrading iMac OS X

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I have upgraded my iMac to OS X Snow Leopard 10.5.8. Since then, my computer is unable to detect any of my backup devices and I’m also unable to back-up and transfer files from my computer to my backup devices. Aside from that, when I first bought my e-SATA firmware which is Macally PHR-S100SUA, I wasn’t able to completely transfer the files I stored onto the device from my old computer (a MAC tower) to my new computer (the iMAC). Furthermore, I don’t have any more access to the files that were on my old computer. I’m really in need of help here. So please, provide me with solutions that are proven and tested.

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Unable to detect backup devices after upgrading iMac OS X


That is a bit strange occurrence, but there should be a way to work around it anyways. In case the backup devices that you are referring to are devices like external hard drives and DVDs then I will suggest that you try the following:

  • Try using the backup devices on another computer and see if they work  from there. That will help you establish if the problem is with the ports or the devices themselves for external hard drives. For DVDs you will be able to figure out the DVD drives have a problem, or is it the DVD itself.
  • Once you have done that you can now fix the problem accordingly knowing what its cause is.

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