Unable to Create Temporary Storage

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Hello, TechyV!

I am making an LPK file by use of the Lpk_tool.exe in my recently installed Windows Vista.

I have updated my OS in the past week because of some virus problem and I don't think I've left any loopholes open.

The system is cleaned, and I just reinstalled an updated version. Anybody have a clue for this error?

Thanks for any idea shared!

ipk-tool-Unable to create temporary Storageā€

Unable to create temporary Storage

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Unable to Create Temporary Storage


Hi Alexa,

You may the get that error message in your Windows Vista whenever you are creating an LPK file using lpk_tool. What is the reason? Creating LPK file is not permitted.

What to do have a permission in creating LPK file in Windows Vista? You have to click the LPK exe.tool to open it and run the EXE. file and choose the user ADMINISTRATOR.

Hope this might help you,



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Unable to Create Temporary Storage



When creating a LPK file using Lpk_tool.exe in Windows Vista, you may get the “Unable to create temporary Storage” error message. The cause for this is that you do not have the permission to create a LPK file.
To create a LPK file in Windows Vista, right click Lpk_tool.exe and run the EXE file as administrator. You know what, sometimes being logged in as an administrator on Vista does not give one as many privileges as being a standard user. So if this does not work out, try logging in as an ordinary user then right click on the lpk_tool.

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