Unable to connect two hard drives. only one is showing..

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In my pc I want to use two hard drive i.e. second hard drive as slave. I have connected the 2nd HDD to motherboard’s SATA port using SATA cable but pc is not showing any other drives in My Computer. I have also to connect the 2nd hard drive using SATA to USB cable but not successful. Suggest some way to do this because data transferring from one HDD to other HDD by any other means (by pen drive or by LAN cable) except SATA cable is very time consuming.

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Unable to connect two hard drives. only one is showing..


Adding a second hard drive to your computer is very easy but that doesn’t mean that if you connect a second hard drive you can immediately use it or your computer can instantly access it. That doesn’t work that way. If you want to add a slave drive on your computer, you need to configure the hard drive as slave.

On the side of the hard drive where you connect the power supply and the ribbon cable, in between the ribbon cable and the power supply ports, there is a port for the jumper settings of the hard drive. This is used to configure your drive as master, slave, cable select, or park. You need to put the jumper on the correct pins to properly configure the drive. See image.

Since you want to make your second hard drive as slave, after installing the hard drive on your CPU and connecting the ribbon cable and the power supply cable, put the jumper on the correct pins labeled for slave to make the drive as slave. In the image, the jumper is set to CS or Cable Select.

To make the drive a slave, transfer the jumper to the next pins indicated for Slave. Once this is set, start your computer then go to the BIOS and detect the hard drives. Your second hard drive should now be detected and the BIOS should display it as Slave. Also, check the label on top of the hard drive for proper drive configurations.

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