Ubuntu Desktop “Resets” Then Changes The Display Settings

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Good day!

I've been experiencing a weird occurrence in my Ubuntu 10.04 Desktop. I've also noticed that this problem happens after around two or three hours of computer usage. As stated in the title of my post, the whole screen seems to reset: the panels, the desktop icons, and the windows disappear for a while then returns. However, the appearance is different (as shown in the pictures): the icons were altered, the title bar of the windows disappears, and even the colors and font of the texts. Additionally, I can't even use the other desks of Ubuntu. My only way to fix this is to restart my system. However, it is troublesome to reboot the system. Is there a way to fix his to the original appearance without rebooting? Thanks.

Note: I've uploaded the photos of the changed and true desktops. Certain parts of the pictures are covered for anonymity.

Changed Desktop1:

Changed Desktop 2:

True Desktop 1:

True Desktop 2:

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Ubuntu Desktop “Resets” Then Changes The Display Settings



You seem to be dealing with a recurring bug on the Ubuntu desktop. The problem you are having is caused by the gnome-settings-daemon and may occur either during startup or during normal usage. There seems to be no permanent solution to this problem but there is a temporary workaround. Other than restarting the computer, you could:

Log out and then log back in.

Type the following commands in the terminal: 

  1. killall gnome-settings-daemon(this will stop the daemon and revert to the gnome default theme)
  2. gnome-settings-daemon(this will restart the daemon and restore the panel and background)
  3. killall nautilus(this will stop nautilus which is automatically restarted and your icons will be restored)

You should now have your desktop to its beautiful old self!

To follow this bug check out this link.

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