Ubuntu 11.10 and ubuntu netbook edition

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Hi. I just installed ubuntu 11.10 in my netbook and I would like to know if it is possible to have the older ubuntu netbook edition in the same time. I don't like this new edition at all. It is very slow too. What do you recommend?

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Ubuntu 11.10 and ubuntu netbook edition



Why would you want 2 versions of Ubuntu on your netbook?

You can just use the LiveCD and install the netbook edition and reformat the hard disk to remove the version of Ubuntu that you don't like.  In your case, the netbook edition is definitely the better choice since it is optimized for the low-power processor and low memory usually found in netbooks.

But if you really want to dual-boot, it will take a lot of work.  You will first have to resize your current partitions to make room for the netbook edition.  You can use the installed partition manager in Ubuntu 11.10 (gparted) for that.  After you have created the new  partition, you can then proceed to install the netbook edition.  Do not worry about dual-booting, Ubuntu installer is smart enough to set up grub properly so that the next time you boot, it will let you select which version of Ubuntu you want to boot up.

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