Ubuntu 10.10 errors when I change the temp files directory

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Hi there!

I am unable to understand if this is an Ubuntu/Linux issue, or else Audacity. But the error displays:

The default location for Audacity temp files is /tmp/audacity-jan/.audacity_temp/ and this works fine but unfortunately there is little disk space available there.

Every time I restarted Audacity after changing the location in preferences, following error occurred:

"Audacity could not find a place to store temporary files.
Please enter an appropriate directory in the preferences dialog."

I have tried it on several locations on different partition on the same physical hard drive, but Audacity doesn’t accept these, just only default.

Is there anything else I can do to make it work?

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Ubuntu 10.10 errors when I change the temp files directory


Hi isabella Sy

 Follow these steps carefully.

1.       Checked if the folder has something similar with the file that you are trying to transfer.

2.       If there are no folders similar with the ones that you are transferring make a new folder name

TMP or audacityTmp.

3.       After making a new folder change the previous location that you put on the Directories tab. Change it to TMP or audacity (depending on the name of the folder that you made).

                If you are still getting an error Check you have the right copy the file that you are transferring. If yes make a copy of the file that you want to transfer on the desktop, name it as “tmpfile.txt.”

1.       Now the file in your desktop that is named tmpfile.txt transfer it on the folder that you want it to be pasted.

2.       After you pasted it on the folder change its name back to its original final name.

3.       Now change the folder to type of folder to read + write to everyone

Good Luck

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