Types of Memory in Market.

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What are the differences between the many types of memory on the market?

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Types of Memory in Market.


Hi ,

There are different types of memory which are available in the market right now We have RAM memory which is known as random access memory and there are different types of memory in RAM




4. DDR RAM – In this we have DDR1,DDR2,DDR3

The high the RAM SIZE is the better the  performance is.

We have another memory known as hard disk which can store the data in large amount of size even we have tera byte external hard disks .Size of the hard disks will be 40GB,80GB,120GB,180GB,240GB,300GB,360B.

  • Some small kind of memory devices are :
  • PEn-drives
  • memory cards
  • Dvd/cd

The basic difference is RAM is used to store the temporary data and is used in improving the performance of the computer but this is not at all used to store data .

Where as hard disks are used to store data and can access it anywhere we can at any time

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Types of Memory in Market.


Today, memory cards or RAM cards are available in three versions and they are:

  • DDR1 – 184-pin DIMM [Dual In-line Memory Module]
  • DDR2 – 240-pin DIMM
  • DDR3 – 240-pin DIMM

For a brief information about RAM cards, mixing or combining any of these types for use on your CPU is not possible since some of them may not be compatible with the slots on your motherboard. If your CPU is already installed with a DDR1 RAM type, you may add up more memory as long as it is the DDR1 type also. In between these types, they also have two more types: the DDR or the Double Data Rate and the SDRAM or the Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory.

What this means is that for a DDR1 RAM, you may have a DDR1 DDR and a DDR1 SDRAM and this is the same with the other two, DDR2 and DDR3. Installing RAM cards should be of the same types.

For example, if you wish to fill all the RAM slots in your motherboard, it should all be DDR1 DDR or DDR1 SDRAM.

In DDR2 and DDR3, the equivalent of SDRAM is SODIMM or Small Outline Dual In-line Memory Module.

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