Typed matter is not being saved in Microsoft excel

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My Operating System is Windows X P, Service Pack 3 and installed with MS Office 2000. My browser is IE 8. After typing anything in excel, when I try to save the file through toolbar button or through file menu or close through ‘X’ button, it closes. But when the same is re-opened, nothing of the typed matter is shown. MS – Word is working properly. I have re-installed MS-Office 2000 and updated, but the excel file is not getting saved. Even after using Windows repair the problem remains. The Microsoft updates have also been properly done. But they are of no use. I do not know how to solve this problem. Can you please help me? 

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Typed matter is not being saved in Microsoft excel


Hi user

This problems can be caused by a number of reasons. I'll list some of the causes and explain briefly.

  • Insufficient space on hard disk – Check whether the hard disk where you are trying to save the file has enough space on it. Do this by right clicking on the drive and click on properties.
  • Lengthy file name –  If the file has a lengthy name plus path it will not be saved, try reducing the length of name or save it in another location with shorter path.
  • Anti- virus – Your anti virus could be interfering with the saving process, try turning it off and see.
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Typed matter is not being saved in Microsoft excel


Hello Finuala,

That is a very tricky problem because it involves a single component of an application that has several other components and therefore troubleshooting may mean that you do for the whole package. It seems that registry files for the excel component of the ms office 2000 that you are using are corrupt or broken and to fix them you will need to do a reinstallation.

Since you have reinstalled the ms 2000 already and encountered the same problem, you will have to get another copy of ms office to install because the one that you used to install seems to be bringing the problems during the installation. So the solution here is to get another copy of ms office 2000 and install it on your computer.


Lee Hung


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