Type In Caillou Font In An Editable Document

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There is a video game called Caillou. I love playing this game. I was thinking of making a banner for Caillou themed party. For that I need to type invitation in the same font style as Caillou font is written. How can I do this?

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Type In Caillou Font In An Editable Document

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Your idea is very good. Caillou fans would love to visit a Caillou themed party. Unfortunately, popular document creation software like MS Word do not provide the same font.
• However, there are numerous fonts in Word that are similar to Caillou’s. Try fonts like Verdana, sans-serif or Cambria. Using proper font weight and size would yield more accurate results.
• If you want the exact font, the font used by Caillou is called ‘Futura.’ You may download this font from this link – https://www.myfonts.com/fonts/linotype/futura/. I suggest you use software like Adobe Pagemaker to create the invitation. The font is compatible with all Adobe applications.

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