Turning on laptops built in wifi

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How can I turn on my wifi ? Many says that there is a button that is in the laptop to turn it on but i cant see any wifi button. Please help me.

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Turning on laptops built in wifi


Hi Howel Dinh,

     It actually depends. Every Laptop has its own structure; thus, it depends if it has a button to enable or disable, or simply to turn on or offf your laptop's wifi. By the way, what is your laptop? I mean what is your laptop's model or brand? Well, it would have been actually easy answering your if you have stated the brand or its model. Anyway, like I said, it depends. In my case, I have two laptops. One laptop has a slide to enable and disable my laptop's wifi, and the other has none; I just enable or disable it  in its properties. How about looking at your manual. It should probably answer your questions. Better yet, go to the manufacturer's site. It should probably there. Hope this helps.

>>Mathew Joni<<

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Turning on laptops built in wifi



Hi, I don’t what your laptop model exactly is but I could provide you a list of laptop models and where to find the Wi-Fi switch/button. Here’s a list:

  1. HP nc4000 and 4010, HP nc6000 and 6220: Look for the button above the keyboard

  2. HP nc4420: Left side near the USB port

  3. HP nx9010: front side of laptop

  4. HP Omnibook 6200 : Left side of laptop

  5. Dell D600 and D610: Fn+F2 on your keyboard

  6. IBM T43: Fn +F5 then click “Turn On”

  7. IBM X32: Fn+F5 then click “Turn On”

  8. Toshiba M1 and M2: Left Side of Laptop

  9. Toshiba R100: Right side of Laptop

For Mac: Click on the Apple icon> System Preferences> Network> Airport>Airport Power On/off

I recommend you take hold of your laptop’s user manual. I am quite sure you can find the answers in there.

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