The Turing Test for Machines

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Hello! I was watching a movie named 'The Imitation Game' starring Benedict Cumberbatch. It is based on a real life scientist Alan Turing who is considered as the father of modern computer science. One thing that I want to ask is about the famous 'Turing Test'. They say any machine which is constructed/developed undergoes this test and so far, no such machine has been developed which has successfully passed the Turing test. What is the Turing test all about and what does it do?

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The Turing Test for Machines


Hello Lucas!

This is a very interesting question!

Alan Turing is the genius developed the so called the “Turing Test.” I fell in love with this philosophical idea of Turing. What is Turing Test by the way?

A Turing Test is to distinguish if the machine we are testing is human or not. In Turing’s 1950 work, he proposed and asked to consider if machines can think-also known as artificial intelligence. The set-up of Turing test is very unique. A judge will stand as the equalizer. He will justify if the specimen that he is having conversation with is machine or human. The judge will then set few questions or tasks. The answer is transparent even if it’s right or wrong, that doesn’t matter. The conversation is limited only to text-to-text question and answer. The machine cannot give answers into audio or rendered voice. This test is not to determine the ability of the examinee to answer the question correctly but it checks how distinctively the answer resembles the answer a human would give.

As of this day, no machine passed this test even “Asimo.” 

Let’s set a very good movie that gives good example of successful and passed the Turing test. The movie “Robocop” released 2014, and Bicentennial Man starring Robin Williams. The characters of the robots in this movie has the ability to choose what is right from wrong. Also to choose the most improper action to save life or to achieve its main purpose. “Defy” is the word that will give machine to pass Turing Test. Disobey to save more life or to disobey from doing the best things in life.

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