Troubleshooting LG washer LE error code

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Hi, I’ m a housewife, and I’m facing a problem with my LG washing machines error code. How to fix the LG  washer LE error code?

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Troubleshooting LG washer LE error code


Hey, LE error occurs mostly because of over-load, the new installation of the washer, and due to excess of detergent. All these are reasons for LG from the washer LE error code. By resetting the washer,  the error code gets cleared and functions normally.

Steps for resetting washer

  • Press on the power button and turn off the washer.
  • Remove the plug from the power socket, i.e. unplug the washer.
  • Now, press and hold the START/OFF button for 5-10 seconds.
  • Put back the power plug and switch it on.

By following the above steps, the washer should clear the LE error and function normally.

If the problem occurs again, try reducing a load of clothing from the next wash and restart the washer. If it appears for every cycle, then the reasons could be

  1. Usage of too much detergent:

If you put excessive detergent, then the washer might show LE error code on its display. To resolve this, just unplug the washer and wait for 1 hour, so the bubbles dissipate. Then plug the washer back into power. The error will be cleared by doing this.

  1. Excessive load issues:

The LE error code may appear because of excessive load. The error will be cleared by reducing the cloth load from washer, wait for 30-45 minutes, and restart the washer.

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