Troubleshoot Switch Port and Interface: The Status is Inactive

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I would like to troubleshoot my switch port and interface because it was disable and shutdown, the status is inactive as well as the uplink port, I cannot ping the end device, it is also have an intermittent failure to set timer.

What is the proper procedure in order to make my switch port work?


8 port smart switch
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Troubleshoot Switch Port and Interface: The Status is Inactive


Check the hardware components to see if there are damaged ends or loose wires. Make sure that they are connected properly to where they need to be connected.

You need to wait 60 seconds every time to disconnect and reconnect a cable to give it time to work. Each end is working if the LED lights are also blinking. But if the link still flaps and loses link, it could be an internal problem. 

To resolve the problem through configuration, you can go to the Start button then select Run. Look for the config.txt and vlan.dat files and delete them from the flash memory. Set all the options to default value. Install the modem that you are running again then switch off the computer. Connect the cables and power on the switch to see if it works. 

For further reconfiguration, go to the Start button and click Run. Diagnose the connection using show version, show module, show port, show counters, or show mac commands. The system will return a result of the diagnosis and you can see where the error is.




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Troubleshoot Switch Port and Interface: The Status is Inactive


Solution 1

Restart all of your networking device as much as possible to make sure that it is not only a device error. Then if the error is still there, check you device one by one. Router first, its the best option to begin with. Then the devices that directly attached to it.

Solution 2

If you have a spare router, switch or anything you have that is the same device in your network. Try testing it, and it does help. Because you know that your devices are working and the other device is the one causing the problem.

Solution 3

Check all of your wires attach to your devices, it is possible that the wires are the one's causing the problem. It might be out of the contact because it is to short and stressed .


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